Rich Sauces Range

Our wide range of delicious Mayonnaise, Sauces, Dressings and Bouillons.

Fish Bouillon

Fresh flavours of the ocean

Light Mayonnaise

With less than 50% fat than our Real Mayonnaise, but still packed with flavour.

Gourmet Mayonnaise

Our Great Taste Award Winning Mayonnaise with superb flavour.

Vegan Mayonnaise

Our Great Taste Award Winning Mayonnaise is rich and creamy. Everything you would expect from a luxurious, authentic mayo.

Real Mayonnaise

Our Real Mayonnaise is where it all began. An absolute classic, the recipe has never changed.

Marie Rose Mayonnaise

Only the finest ingredients go into this 'Classic' seafood sauce.

Pesto Mayonnaise

Aromatic basil, parmesan and garlic flavours - Bellissimo.

Taco Mayonnaise

Our Real Mayonnaise combined with a unique and secretly guarded blend of spices.

Tikka Mayonnaise

Tikka spiced flavoured mayonnaise!

Caesar Mayonnaise

Our Real Mayonnaise with an infusion of parmesan and anchovy flavours.

Mustard Mayonnaise

A delicious blend of mustard in a fabulous mayonnaise.

Coronation Mayonnaise

Mouth-watering warming tones of curried spices.

Garlic Mayonnaise

Aioli or just good old Garlic Mayonnaise, your customers will love this.


Enjoy the taste of the Deep South with this smoked, barbeque spice combination.

Cajun Sauce

Our Cajun Sauce recipe will add a touch of Mardi Gras magic to your menu.

Fire Roasted Pepper & Tomato

A classic blend of ripe tomatoes and smoked red pepper flavour.

Chipotle Sauce

A smoked chipotle infused sauce with the perfect kick to liven all taste buds.

Mexican Fajita

A fabulously rich & spicy Mexican flavour that takes your taste buds south of the Rio Grande.

Pad Thai

An exotic taste of Asia that adds a modern twist to any dish.

Horseradish Sauce

Creamy & pungent enough to liven up any carvery.

Tartar Sauce

A creamy dill and caper sauce that adds flavour to every seafood dish.

Pepper Sauce

A rich and creamy cracked black pepper sauce.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

A Great Taste Award Winning sweet blend of garlic and chilli.

Italian Sauce

Inspired by a traditional family recipe and perfected by our master Chef.

Tomato & Chilli

A rich tomato based sauce with a chilli kick!

Burger Sauce

Don’t settle for any old burger sauce when you can use the best!

Blue Cheese

If you’re a cheese fan you’ll love this!

French Dressing

A perfect fusion of the finest French mustard and white wine vinegar dressing

Honey & Mustard

A sweet honey and mustard oil based dressing

Mango, Lime & Chilli

A sweet mango based sauce with a hint of lime and finished with a chilli kick

Ranch Dressing

Creamy, garlic and herb sauce, great on green leaves or as a dip.

Thousand Island

Made with tomatoes, mayonnaise and gherkins this sauce is perfect on burgers.

Caesar Dressing

An infusion of parmesan and anchovy flavours.

Chicken Bouillon

All the delicious full flavour of a whole roasted chicken

Ham Bouillon

Packed with all the taste of roast gammon and smoked ham.

Vegetable Bouillon

Bursting with the full flavour of fresh vegetables.

Beef Bouillon

This rich beef bouillon adds flavour and value to every meal

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