Alfees Range

From Chipotle BBQ Sauce to Real Mayo, Alfee’s has something for your kitchen.

Sweet & Sour

Tangy, sweet & sour with a little kick of ginger to finish.

Korean BBQ

A sweet and tangy BBQ sauce with notes of ginger, sesame and garlic.

Chipotle BBQ

A mild sweet and smoky BBQ sauce.

Classic BBQ

A tangy sweet BBQ sauce with a mild smoky flavour.

Louisiana Hot Buffalo Wing

Cayenne pepper blended with butter oil to give the perfect buffalo wing sauce.

Bourbon Flavoured BBQ

Enjoy the taste of the Deep South with this smoked BBQ spice combination.

South Carolina Mustard BBQ

This mustard-based BBQ sauce is nicknamed "Columbia Gold.” Try it to find out why!

Rib & Wing

Perfect for sweet sticky glazed meats with lingering heat.

Tomato Ketchup

Great Taste Award Winning Ketchup. Tell your customers you’re giving them the best.


A blend of chilli, garlic & lemon create this authentic marinade.

Mango Curry

Infectiously sweet mango finished with a gentle kick from our Chef's chosen spices.

Sriracha Hot

Spicy and tangy it’s the No1 sauce for Millennial's.

Sweet Chilli

This sweet & spicy sauce, with middle tones of garlic adds Oomph to all it clings to.

Real Mayonnaise

A rich and smooth texture, with a neutral flavour that coats the tongue and palate.

Thick & Creamy Mayonnaise

Light, cost effective mayonnaise providing chefs with a consistently versatile product.

Garlic Mayonnaise

A classic dip with full garlic flavour, lends itself to wraps, wedges and goujons alike.

Mexican Mayonnaise

A blend of herbs, spices and chipotle chillies, bring a new world of flavour to your dishes.

Coronation Mayonnaise

Curried mayo blended to create the ideal flavour for sandwiches, salads & mixes.

Tikka Mayonnaise

A fusion of Indian spices & traditional mayo makes this the perfect accompaniment for chicken & salads.

Curry Mix

Mild mannered flavours for the curry enthusiast.

Gravy Mix

Full bodied and meaty, ideal for any roast.

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