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Rich Sauces curates and blends the highest quality authentic ingredients sourced from around the world. Our extensive ranges of delicious and diverse mayonnaises, dressings, sauces and bouillons deliver unsurpassed flavours and versatility. Trusted by thousands of customers internationally, we’re passionate about creating premium quality, innovative products that exceed expectations.

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Rich in flavour

Real Mayonnaise

Our Real Mayonnaise is where it all began. An absolute classic, the recipe has never changed. Our Real Mayonnaise is what made us famous, and the recipe has not changed in over 35 years.

Rich in flavour

Rib & Wing

Perfect for sweet sticky glazed meals with lingering cayenne heat. You’re going to need a load more napkins and finger bowls when you use this sauce.

Rich in flavour


The original one and still our favourite – a rich creamy mouth feel with gentle tartness and just a hint of mustard at the finish.

Rich in taste and texture

The Ultimate Mayonnaise

Our Real Mayonnaise is where it all began. An absolute classic, the recipe has never changed!

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Rich in expertise

Innovation Kitchen

From traditional dishes to globally trending flavours, our in-house chefs collaborate with customers and work together in our impressive on-site innovation kitchen to develop delicious recipes and final sauce solutions, which stand out in terms.


Rich in expertise

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Rich Sauces has been producing and supplying premium quality catering ingredients to the foodservice industry in the UK, Ireland and internationally for over 35 years. A leading mayonnaise manufacturer, we also offer a delicious and inspiring range of culinary sauces, dressings and bouillons.

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